Optimized text search with pg_search gem - Part II

08-04-2021 8 minutes reading.

In part I of this post I explained a little about the concept and features of Full Text Searching do PostgreSQL and I committed to explain with a little Ruby on Rails project through PgSearch gem, so let’s go.

Optimized text search with pg_search gem - Part I

18-01-2021 5 minutes reading.

Sinking on the internet I found the PgSearch gem which takes advantage of the Full Text Searching features of PostgreSQL. This Full Text Searching concept refers to computer strategies and techniques to optimize searches of words, phrases or even combinations of words, in big and multiple texts stored in a database. It has been a wide area of study and research within Computer Science since 1990.

Skinny Controller and Fat Model, but don't lose focus

17-12-2020 4 minutes reading.

Jamis Buck wrote the famous post Skinny Controller, Fat Model, it has become almost the mantra for the MVC pattern - Model-View-Controller. In this case, all logic that isn’t related to client/user response - View-Controller - must be inside the model, to keep response simple or rather, “skinny”.